About the Chicago Skyliners

Our History:

During the 1960’s and 1970’s significant numbers of founding level employees of United Airlines began to retire. They shared a unique work history and close ties dating back to the origin of the airline. They did not want to lose contact with each other after retirement.

Informal groups of retirees formed in places like San Francisco, San Diego, Denver and Chicago. By 1975 the Retired United Airline Employees Association (RUAEA) was established as a national organization linking retirees from different cities. RUAEA’s first convention was held in San Francisco in May of 1976.

A few years after the formation of RUAEA, the Chicago group of United retirees decided to formalize and become a local independent chapter of RUAEA. A Statement of Understanding was signed by Charlie Field, Warren Alberts, and Kenny Richards on October 14, 1981. Today this chapter is known as the Chicago Skyliners and is one of the largest and most active of all the RUAEA chapters.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Chicago Skyliners is to foster friendship and fellowship between and among retirees and active employees of United Airlines (United) in the Chicago area; it is also to keep current on issues of mutual interest by sharing United information.

Skyliners Organization:

The Chicago Skyliners is a local independent chapter of the "Retired United Airlines Employees Association" known as RUAEA. The affairs and activities of the Chicago Skyliners are administered by a "Skyliner Committee" who are led by a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Chicago Skyliners membership consists of retirees of United Airlines and their spouses as well as the following: Continental Airlines, United Continental Holdings, Inc. and other airlines, their spouses, widows or widowers of deceased members, active employees, and their spouses plus employees of former subsidiaries of United Airlines including the Alliant Credit Union. Most members reside in the greater Chicago area.

Current Activities:

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Becoming A Member:

We welcome you to join the Chicago Skyliners today and begin to enjoy the camaraderie, fun, friendships, and activities in 2018. This is Where United Friendships Reunite.

Skyliners Brochure

Chicago Skyliners By-Laws

Organization Flow Chart of Officers/Directors/Staff

Skyliner Prayer

We join today to enjoy this luncheon.
Although we are of many races, nationalities and religions, let our Divine Spirit join each other in joy and peace.
Let us pass our joy and understanding to those who need uplifting so that we will find serenity while we serve one another.
We ask you to be with members of our nation’s armed forces, their families and those who are suffering from illness.
Guide our spiritual leaders so their words and actions lead us to honesty, faith, and glory.
We thank you for your blessings and give us guidance, wisdom, and protection.
As we leave here today let us go in peace with each other.
Bless this food and each of our lives.